Transparent Walls Bring Light Into Your Home

Transparent Walls Bring Light Into Your Home

Transparent walls are a great way to bring light into your home. They can also make a space feel bigger and create a sense of openness.

These fully framed systems are best for office design or retail spaces. They provide a clear view for customers, clients and employees. They are also easy to reconfigure and move.

Garden Glass Walls

Once radical, garden glass walls are now commonplace in good design. Adding this feature to your home creates the ultimate indoor/outdoor space. These spaces are perfect for relaxing in your backyard or hosting a dinner party in your new garden.

Sliding glass walls turn terrace roofs into summer gardens or bioclimatic pergolas, and interior partitions into light-filled rooms. The frameless all-glass sliding elements provide a clear view of the surroundings and bring more natural light into the room.

Default: Follows the Appearance option set in the Wall Drawing component tab. Transparent: The selected wall is completely transparent. Solid: The selected wall is fully solid. Custom opacity: Slide the slider or enter a value to manually adjust the opacity of the wall from fully transparent to solid.

You can apply different glass textures to your internal walls to alter their appearance while designing and viewing the layout. These textures are available in the MISC folder and include varying transparency, hues and multiple uses.

Outdoor Glass Walls

Whether you’re looking to transform your home, or build a new construction, NanaWall exterior glass walls offer the opportunity to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Wide operable glass walls allow the sense of interior space to expand, while eliminating solid wall barriers to scenic views outside.

Clear glass walls create a seamless and uninhibited view that’s perfect for modern or contemporary homes. They’re also ideal for commercial needs such as stadium suites.

LaCantina’s glass wall systems come in a variety of styles, sizes, and options such as divided lites. When preserving traditional home styles is of concern, these customizable features can blend modernism with classical charm to complement existing fenestration. In addition, tempered glass helps protect your home from outside debris and unwanted critters, while water, wind, and UV protection guard against weather damage and degradation. For additional information on how these glass wall designs can enhance your residential property, check out our interactive videos.

Indoor Glass Walls

In commercial offices, glass walls promote transparency between work areas, fostering communication and collaboration. They also help maximise the utilisation of natural light, reducing energy costs and creating a bright and welcoming environment for employees.

For homeowners, a glass wall can transform living spaces, bringing in warm sunlight and inviting in the views of the outdoor landscape. It can even be combined with sliding doors to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living areas.

Framed glass wall systems are commonly used in office and retail applications, but they also have residential applications for homeowners who want to open up their home and embrace transparency. These fully framed systems have metal channels fastened to the floor and ceiling that allow the glass panels to slide into them, providing rigidity and sound protection without impeding sight lines.

Retractable Glass Walls

As homes in temperate climates continue to enjoy indoor/outdoor living, adding a retractable glass wall opens up your home and lets you effortlessly transition between spaces. It’s also ideal for businesses in retail, restaurants, and hospitality, as well as homeowners with beautiful gardens and views.

Many schools and colleges are renovating their science labs with transparent walls. This enhances collaboration, sustainability and safety. The 2-hour fire rated glass allows natural light to flow vertically into hallways and rooms.

Many moving glass wall systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind, including insulated options to keep interiors warm or cool. Precision engineering, premium manufacturing, and rigorous testing make these doors a valuable investment that can help you sustain comfortable interiors and decrease energy costs over time. Depending on your location, you may also want to consider double- or triple-glazed glass and weather-resistant or raised thresholds that offer additional protection from the elements. For example, in areas with high winds or hurricanes you will likely need impact rated glass.